Registration is open! Please use the PayPal box on the main Battle in the Boro page for single team registration. If you are registering multiple teams or are attending multiple events, please email Sarah or Cassie to register. Once you have completed payment, your team is registered and will be reflected on the next updated committed list. If after you register you need to update your age division or team name, please email Sarah or Cassie. 

Player Participation Requirements

ALL athletes must register with the BBCS before participating in any NCAA-certified events. If you created an account last year, DO NOT create a new account. Log in to your account from last year and update the information on the tabs that are flagged. Finish by confirming the updates to your profile. 

If this is your first year to participate in NCAA-certified events, you will need to create a BBCS account. Go to the BBCS home page and select "REGISTER AS NEW USER." Select that you are registering as an athlete and create your account. Complete all the required information and select "SUBMIT." You will receive an email confirmation to the email address you used to create the account. Click the link in the email and you will be returned to your BBCS account. Complete the additional items required. 

Once you have completed your registration, you will be eligible to be added to your coach's bench and event rosters. Please check your account periodically for bench invitations. You will have to accept the bench invitation in order to be added to a roster. 

Access the BBCS here.

All players are required to attend player check-in on site before participating to receive their player credentials. Player credentials are to be treated like cash - DO NOT lose your player credential as there will be a fee to replace it and you will not be allowed into the facility without it. You will be asked to provide proof of housing at check in, so please bring the following information with you:

  • Your team name

  • Your hotel name

  • The name your reservation is under

  • Your ARN or confirmation/reservation number

  • The number of nights you are staying


We will be taking rosters directly from the BBCS this year. After you opt in to Battle in the Boro, we will take the information you have provided and input it into our roster form. Please pay special attention to your jersey numbers and ensure that they are correct. If you have any updates or changes to your roster, please make them on the BBCS and notify us of the alterations IMMEDIATELY so we can ensure that your roster is correct in the college book. ALL participating players and coaches MUST be listed on your BBCS roster. Any players or coaches not included at the time of check-in WILL NOT be allowed to play, per NCAA regulations. For further instructions on using the BBCS and creating your roster, click here. The deadline for finalized rosters is June 15th. Please have your team opted in by then. If you have any questions regarding the roster process or require assistance, please email our offices

Opting In

ALL participating teams are required by the NCAA to opt in to Battle in the Boro on the Basketball Certification Site. We have complete step by step instructions for obtaining your USAB Gold license and creating your BBCS account on our NCAA Certification page, here. Each player is required to create a BBCS account. Once an athlete has completed their registration, you may send them an invitation to join your bench. After the athlete accepts your invitation, you can add them to your event rosters. To create a roster, go to the MY ROSTERS section of the BBCS. Choose the event you are attending and select CREATE ROSTER. Check off each player participating on that team and verify that their jersey numbers are correct. Select SAVE ROSTER to submit the roster and opt in to the event. 


We are 100% stay to play, which means for your team to be put in the schedule, you must book through us or pay a penalty fee to waive the housing requirement. You will also lose any discounted entry fees you were give and will have to pay full price. Please visit our housing page to see a list of our current inventory and book your rooms. Please keep in mind that our housing site receives an extremely high volume of traffic every day, as do the housing coordinators. The best way to contact them is through email or by calling the number listed on the housing site.


Rachel Cunningham - Team First Travel


Please submit all division or scheduling requests to Sarah or Cassie by email. All requests will be taken into consideration by our scheduling committee. When the first edition of the schedule is released July 1st, please contact our offices IMMEDIATELY if you have any conflicts or concerns. We always do our best to accommodate, however due to the number of teams in the event we cannot make any guarantees. 


The first edition of the schedule will be released July 1st. It will be available on our website and on the National Exposure Basketball app and will be announced via email and Twitter. When the first edition is released, please contact us immediately if you have any conflicts or concerns. We will release the second edition of the schedule July 3rd, and the final edition July 5th. We ask that you do not print the schedule at any time, as it is always subject to change. The best way to have the most current version of the schedule is by downloading our app to your mobile device. 

Check-In Information

All participating coaches and players are required to attend a check-in session before participating in their first game. Coaches, please bring a photo ID, as well as your hotel information (name of property, reservation name, ARN/confirmation number, number of rooms/nights), in order to receive a team coach's pass. Please treat your pass like cash and do not remove it at any time. We will not replace lost or broken passes. 

Check-In Times:

Tuesday, July 9th 3:00 to 7:00

Wednesday, July 10th 7:00 am - 12:00 pm 


Kentucky Expo Center

937 Phillips Lane

Louisville, KY 40209

Game Information

  • 5 game guarantee

  • Game Times:

    • Wednesday, July 10th 8:00 am - 9:00 pm​ (2 pool play games)

    • Thursday, July 11th 8:00 am - 9:00 pm (2 pool play games)

    • Friday, July 12th 8:00 am - 9:00 pm (1 pool play game)

    • Saturday, July 13th 8:00 am - 3:00 pm (bracket play games, championship games begin at 3:00 pm)

  • Teams will play 5 pool play games. In the junior showcase division, all teams will go to bracket play. In all other divisions only the #1 team from each pool will go to bracket play. ​

  • Bracket play is single elimination. 


Daily Admission: $20.00

Event Pass: $55.00

Please treat all daily and event passes like cash. We will not replace lost passes.

*We accept cash and credit card payments.


There will not be a posted schedule or brackets at this event. Please use the National Exposure Basketball app to view the latest scores and schedule updates. Scores will be available on our website as well.