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David Tapley's Insight on Battle In the Boro

KY Premier began in 2009 under David Tapley. His teams have been coming to Battle in the Boro since their program began. Throughout the years, David Tapley has put 125 kids through his program and all of those through college. Tapley stated, “I have had several All-Americans go through my program as well as Miss Kentucky Basketball winners.” His daughter was also apart of the program, graduated in 2011, and is now a coach at Northern Kentucky.

When asked about his experience here at the Music City Center, David Tapley said, “The experience here has been great.” He also went on to say his program has also been going great since they started. Tapley also said, “The competition here at Battle In the Boro has been top notch, pleased to say that.”

When asked about the layout of the floors, Tapley said, “What they have done here, they have spent the money and done things right. It is a first class layout.”

KY Premier just added boys teams this year and are traveling with about 16 teams so far as well as joining Nike in 2014. While competing in Battle In the Boro, KY Premier has been working their way to the top, while winning some close games here at Battle In the Boro. When continuing to talk about the tournament, David said, “It is hands down the best tournament.”

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