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Boston Showstoppers: A First Year Experience

Battle in the Boro is the largest girls' exposure event in the nation and it just keeps getting bigger. Every year the event adds nearly 100 teams. For many teams, it is their first year attending. One such team is the Boston Showstoppers. Not only is it their first year to come to Battle in the Boro, but this is also their first year to be a team. Coach Clinton Lassiter put together this talented group of girls during the offseason with the intention of bringing them to Battle in the Boro specifically.

The Boston Showstoppers may be new to the event, but they are certainly not intimidated by the size of the event or the level of competition. "It is my first time here at this event and I will be back," Lassiter said. "We have had great competition coming in to Battle in the Boro." The Showstoppers have clinched first place in their pool and are preparing to begin bracket play this afternoon.

Lassiter said the Music City Center layout is especially impressive. "I like the layout," Lassiter said. "I like how they have cameras set up so you can watch it live if you aren't here. I like how it is a central location; we have played only one game at another venue." Lassiter said the facility was especially great for his team, who he called "great players who want as much exposure as they can get."

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