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New Perspective: A Scout's Inside Scoop

One of the most incredible things about an event the size of Battle in the Boro is observing the people who attend the event. The many college coaches are what first comes to mind. Coaches from all levels, from UConn to mid-majors to junior colleges, scour the courts for their next star. Equally as impressive is the sheer amount of talent present at Battle in the Boro. Seeing so many nationally ranked players in one room is incredible. Also in attendance, and often overlooked, are scouts from some of basketball's top recruiting services. Brett Vana is a freelance writer attending Battle in the Boro this year.

He enjoys scouting, especially at events like Battle in the Boro. Vana says the multi-court facility at the Music City Center allows him to cover more games. He spends time at each court, focusing on a few players on each team as he goes. Vana watches players of all levels and evaluates their game. As a former coach himself, Vana knows what to look for. "I look at what I would look for and what other coaches look for," Vana says. "I try and find the specifics on their level."

Vana has plenty to write about with the high levels of talent present at Battle in the Boro. Vana particularly enjoys discovering new talent. "It could be a kid from a small town and that kid could be a diamond," Vana says.

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