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West Virginia Thunder's Scott Johnson

Battle in the Boro gives much of the credit for its success to the relationships that have been formed through the event. Many of those attending this year are organizations that bring multiple teams to play year after year. One such organization is the West Virginia Thunder, led by Coach Scott Johnson. This is Johnson's 8th year to bring his teams to middle Tennessee.

Johnson says Battle in the Boro is his favorite event of the year. "I love it here, there is some great competition," Johnson says. "You know this place is real easy to get to. Everything is run right." Johnson finds the Music City Center to be especially beneficial to getting his players more college looks. "I like the layout. Having everyone in one building is very convenient. The kids get more exposure," he says.

Over the eight years he has attended, Johnson has enjoyed a great deal of success at Battle in the Boro, and even made it to the final four of their division in 2015. "We want to win," Johnson says. "We want to get to the final four like we did last year."

Johnson says nothing can take his teams away from Battle in the Boro and he is already looking forward to next year.

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