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Tennessee Player Rankings - 2019 Class

The high school season has completed, and the state champions have been crowned. The next step for a lot of high school players across the state will be the travel ball season with players representing their respective travel clubs.

NEB Media spent this past high school season traveling state-wide to watch the top Thanksgiving, Christmas, and post-season tournaments. In my opinion, It is safe to say that Tennessee is definitely one of the most talented states in the country when looked at from an overall perspective. With that being said, NEB Media will release the post-season player rankings prior to the start of the travel ball season.

NEB Media uses college level potential mixed with what an individual player accomplished during the high school season to formulate its player rankings.

2019 Class Player Rankings

1. Jayla Hemingway (Houston HS, TN Flight Silver)

2. Aislynn Hayes (Riverdale HS, TN Flight)

3. Courtney Whitson (Dobyns-Bennett, TN Flight)

4. Madison Griggs (Houston HS, TN Flight)

5. Lanetta Williams (Arlington HS, Team Elite)

6. Brianna Cooks (Memphis Central, Team Penny)

7. Harli Smith (York Institute, TN Flight)

8. Ashland Hardin (Centennial HS, Team B-Wright)

9. Lindsey Taylor (Maryville HS, TN Trotters)

10. Jada Guinn (Oak Ridge HS, TN Flight)

11. Lauren Flowers (Stewarts Creek, Team B-Wright)

12. Skylar Boshears (Campbell Co., TN Trotters)

13. Alex Eldridge (Stone Memorial, TN Flight)

14. Quanardra Miller (Jackson South Side)

15. Chloe Savage (Cookeville HS, TN Flight)

16. Caitlyn Wilson (Arlington HS, Arkansas Banshees)

17. Ya'Taria Coleman (Southwind HS, Memphis Mambas)

18. Kynadi Kuykendoll (Memphis Central, Team Slink)

19. Nia Vanzant (Blackman, Team B-Wright)

20. Emily Boyd (Stone Memorial, TN Flight)

21. Casey Collier (Knox Webb, TN Flight)

22. Jalyn Holcomb (Riverdale HS, TN Flight)

23. Raegan Johnson (Martin Westview)

24. Faith Wilkin (Page HS, Team B-Wright)

25. Caitlyn Ross (Midway HS, TN Trotters)

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