2018 The Classic Committed Teams

1 on None Witherspoon 2020

1 on None Witherspoon 2021

1Nation 2019 Ahart

1Nation Elite

1Nation Morris

1Nation Sophomore


77 South Elite All Stars

Alabama Elite 2019 Burkes

Alabama Elite 2020 Hill

Alabama Elite 9th 2021

Alabama Hustlers Elite 2019 Reynolds

All-Ohio Xpress

Always 100 Chamble 2019

Always 100 Edmonds 2020

Always 100 Goodwell 2020

Always 100 Grose 2019

Always 100 Jordan 2019

Always 100 Markee 2020

Always 100 Todd 2022

Always 100 Wilmont 2020

Ambition Premier

AR Banshees Elite Nike

AR JB Lady Ballers 2020

AR JB Lady Ballers 2022

Atlanta Select Black

Atlanta Select Grey

Atlanta Select Red

Bakerhoops AllStars

Best Choice United

BlueStar St. Louis KBA

BlueStar St. Louis Montadon

BlueStar St. Louis Renken

BlueStar St. Louis Renken

BlueStar St. Louis Riffel

BlueStar St. Louis Rolfes

BlueStar St. Louis Silvey

BlueStar St. Louis Silvey

BlueStar St. Louis Thompson

BlueStar St. Louis Wilkenson

Bolingbrook Panthers

Bolingbrook Panthers

Breakfast Club-Indy

BTR Oklahoma

BTR Oklahoma

BTR Oklahoma

Capital City Comets

Carolina Play Hard Titans

Central Kentucky Storm

Central KY Sparx

Central KY Sparx

Central KY Sparx

Central KY Sparx

Charlotte Court

Charlotte Lady Monarchs

Chicago Xtreme

Chicago Xtreme

Chicago Xtreme

Cincinnati Lady Tigers

Cincinnati Lady Tigers

Cincy Swish

Cincy Swish

Cincy Swish

Cincy Swish Baltimore

Cincy Swish Braun

Cincy Swish Brodnik

Cincy Swish Daggett

Cincy Swish Maples

Cincy Swish Portmann

Cincy Thunder

Dayton Lady Hoopstars 2020 Black

Dayton Lady Hoopstars Salazar

Dayton Metro 2020 Painter

Dayton Vipers-Stephens

DeKalb Heat

DSO Michigan Sting Taylor (Carolina)

DSO Michigan Sting Taylor (Grey)

DYT Vipers Elite

DYT Vipers Elite

EAB Select 2020

East Coast United 2019

East Coast United 2019 Blue

East Coast United 2019 Richardson

East Coast United 2020

East Coast United 2020 Gray

East Coast United 2020 McDonald

East Coast United 2021 Murray

East Coast United 2021 Navy

East Coast United 2022 Futures

East TN Lady Rain

East TN Pyro

East TN Pyro

Example Sports

Example Sports 2019

Example Sports Select

Example Sports Wolfpack

FGB - Hoop Dreams 8th - Top Bracket

FGB Central Florida 11th - Top Bracket 

FGB Future 8th - Top Bracket

FGB Knightmares 10th- Top Bracket

FGB Knightmares 11th - Top Bracket

FGB South Florida 11th - 2nd Bracket

FGB Team Courtney Williams - 11th - Top Bracket 

FGB Team Delicia Washington 10th - Top Bracket

FGB Team LaDazhia WIlliams 9th - Top Bracket

FGB Team Taylor Emery 10th - 2nd Bracket

Flight Select

Flight Select Navy

Flight Select Silver

Flight Select White


Focus3D Black

Focus3D Red

Friends 4 Life

Friends 4 Life

Friends 4 Life


G1 Sport Queens

GA Dream Team 2019

GA Sparks 2020

Georgia Edge 2020

Georgia Jaguars

Georgia Jaguars

Georgia Metros 2020

Georgia Metros 2021

Georgia Metros Elite 2022

Germantown Lady Panthers 2019

Germantown Lady Panthers 2020 Kimbrough

Germantown Lady Panthers 2020/2021 Gray

Germantown Lady Panthers 2021 Leonard

Germantown Lady Panthers 2022 Black

Germantown Lady Panthers 2022 Blue

GHITP Finest 2022

Glass City Fury Black - Sweeney

Gulf Coast Twisters of Alabama

Gulf Coast Twisters of Alabama

Hidden Gems Blue 15U

Hoop Squad

Huntsman Select

Huntsman Select

Illinois Lady Titans

IN First Lady's 2021

IN Flight - Attack

IN Showcase Eber

IN Showcase Gorman

IN Showcase Harris

IN Showcase Kabara

IN Showcase Kirby

Indiana Elite 2020

Indiana Elite Swish Hisle

Indiana Elite Swish Jones

Indiana Elite Swish Scheidecker

Indiana Elite Swish Trosper

Indiana Faith - McCullars

Indiana Flight North

Indiana Flight South 13U

Indiana Flight South 14U

Indiana Flight South 16U

Indiana Flight Storm

Kansas Elite (Kane)

KC Select

Kentucky Clutch

Kentucky Premier - Dial

Kentucky Premier Bibb 2021

Kentucky Premier Bibb 2022

Kentucky Premier Bibb 2023

Kentucky Premier Foust 2022

Kentucky Premier Holland 2019

Kentucky Premier Howie 2022

Kentucky Premier King 2023

Kentucky Premier West 2020

Kentucky Premier-Flaig

Kentucky Premier-Schwartz

KY Elite

KY Elite

Ky legacy elite

Ky legacy elite

Lady Copperheads 16U

Lady Ice

Lady Life Changers 2021

Lady Life Changers 2022

Lady Reign Dildy

Lady Reign Energy

Lady Reign Rose

Lady Reign Stokes

Lady Silver Foxes 15U

Lady Silver Foxes 16U

Lady Trotters 2020

Lady Trotters Crowe 2022

Lady Trotters Kenley 2022

Lady's First

Lady's First

Lafayette Blue Chip 2020

Lima Sparks

Louisiana Lady Pumas Black

Louisville Lady Dream

Louisville Legends

Louisville Legends

Louisville Select Carson-Miller

Louisville Select Maddox

Louisville Select Thompson

Mac Basketball 14U Taylor

Mac Basketball 15U Berry

Mac Basketball 17U Mac

Mac Basketball 17U Taylor

Mac Basketball 2020

Maryland Lady Terps

Memphis Lady Mambas

Memphis Lady Mambas 2019

Memphis Lady Mambas 2020

Memphis Select 17U




Michigan Mystics 2019 Black

Michigan Mystics 2020 Black

Michigan Mystics 2021 Black

Michigan Mystics 2021 White

Michigan Mystics 2022 Red

Michigan Mystics Dream Team (Top Bracket)

Michigan Mystics RUH

Michigan Mystics Showtime (Top Bracket)

Michigan Storm Elite 2022

Michigan Storm Elite Horne

Michigan Storm Elite Hughes

Michigan Storm Elite Love

Michigan Storm Elite Simpkins

Michigan Storm Elite Stan

Michigan Storm Elite Taylor

Michigan's Finest 16

Midwest Power

Midwest Power

Midwest Power

Murfreesboro Force

Nautilus Express

NC Cavs

NEKY Swish

Niagara Juel Ontario,Canada

Nike Lady Gym Rats Green 15u/9th

Nike Lady Gym Rats Maroon 14u/8th

Nike Lady Gym Rats Teal 17u/11th

Nike Lady Gym Rats White 16u/10th

NW Hoopstars

Ohio Elite 2021

Ohio Elite Black

Ohio Elite Purple

Ohio Express

Ohio Future Premier Baker

Ohio Future Premier Caldwell

Ohio Future Premier Eifert

Ohio Future Premier Mobley

Ohio Future State

Ohio Lady Hoopsters Elite 2021

Ohio Lakers

Ohio Phenoms

Ohio Phenoms

Ohio Phenoms #AT31 (Top Bracket)

OSA Sharpshooters McMiller

OSA Sharpshooters McMiller

OV Lady Dragons

Overtime Performance

Overtime Performance

Overtime Performance Gold

Overtime Performance Gray

Overtime Performance Primetime

Overtime Performance Select Black

Peak Skills 17U Elite

Phoenix Elite

Queen City Rebels

SEMO Sizzle 2022

Sky Digg 17U

Sky Digg Elite Biscardi

Sky Digg Elite Grennes

SLAAM 17U Ashaolu

SLAAM 17U Reese

SLAAM 17U Woodson

SMAC Arrows

SMAC Attack

SMAC Ballers

SMAC Dub Nation

SMAC Elite 2019

SMAC Elite 2020

SMAC Elite 2022

SMAC Florida 2019

SMAC Florida 2020

SMAC Florida 2021

SMAC Florida Cintron

SMAC Havoc

SMAC Lady Primetime


SMAC Young Ballers

South Central Basketball Club Sams

South Georgia Angels

South Georgia Angels

Southeast Dynasty

Southern Indiana Venom

Sports City U

St. Louis Lynx

St. Louis Rockets

Stars Elite 2019 Black (Top Team)

Stars Elite 2019 Blue

Stars Elite 2019 Red (Top Team)

Stars Elite 2021 Red

Stars Elite 2022 Red

Steel City Gators

Steel City Gators Lee

Steel City Gators Watson

Tampa Thunder 2020 Carn

Tampa Thunder 2020 Claitt

Tampa Thunder 2021 Boswell

Tampa Thunder 2021 Demorest

Tampa Thunder Premier

Tampa Thunder Select

Tampa Thunder Team Dupree

TBLR 2018/2019

TBLR 2021

TBLR 2022

Team B Wright 2019 Gold

Team B Wright 2020 Gold

Team B Wright 2020/2021 Red

Team B Wright 2021 Gold

Team B Wright 2022 Gold

Team Elite TG 2019

Team Elite TG 2020

Team Huddle Black

Team Huddle Cousy

Team Huddle Grey

Team Huddle Pink

Team Huddle Purple

Team Huddle Red

Team Huddle Silver

Team Huddle Tan

Team Huddle Teal

Team Slink 2020

Team Slink Future Stars

Team Slink Pink

Team Sol 16u

Team Sol 17u

Team Tennessee Kilburn 10th

Team TN Glory

TEK Lady Elite

TEK Lady Elite

TEK Lady Elite

TEK Lady Elite (MD)

Texas Phenoms (Top Team)

Texas Phenoms Black

Texas Phenoms Red

The Future

TN Flight Navy

TN Flight Navy

TN Flight Silver

TN Flight Silver 8th

TN Rush 2019

TN Rush 2020

TN Rush 2021

TN Shock

TN Shock

TN Shock

TN Shock

TN Shock

TN Sol 2019

TN Team Pride

TN Team Pride

TN Team Pride - Black

TN Team Pride - Black

TN Xtreme - Downes 2020


TNBA Shock

TNBA Shock

TNBA West Black

Toledo Thunder

Toledo Thunder Black (Top Bracket)

Toledo Thunder Red

Tri County Thunder Juel

UA-STL Shooting Stars 14U

UA-STL Shooting Stars 17U Elite

UA-STL Shooting Stars 17U Premier

Upward Stars Nashville

Upward Stars Nashville 2019

Upward Stars Nashville 8th

Wayne Holmes Warriors

We Got Next

Wellington Wolves 2021

West Suburban Dream

West Virginia Dream

West Virginia Dynasty 2023

Wisconsin Flight Elite

WK Rush

Woodz Elite 2021

Woodz Elite Black

Woodz Elite Red

WP Celtics Black (Top Bracket)

WP Celtics Gold (Top Bracket)

WP Celtics Green (Top Bracket)

WP Celtics Henderson

WP Celtics Platinum

WV Infinity Flight 2021/2022 Tabor

WV Team Infinity 2019/2020 Curry

WV Thunder 2019 Johnson

WV Thunder 2020 Johnson

WV Thunder 2021 Lupardus

WV Thunder 2022 Buchanan

WV Thunder Gold

WV Thunder Navy

WV Thunder White

X-Citement (IL)

X-Citement (IL)

X-Citement (IL)

X-Citement (IL)

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