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Oakland Soldiers Return to the Boro

Oakland Soldiers coach, Pico Wilburn is no stranger to the Battle in the Boro. He has been a faithful attendee, bringing his California-based teams for several years before taking a hiatus to get married. This is Wilburn's first year to bring his new team, the Oakland Soldiers, and his first to attend in the new 29-court Music City Center.

Wilburn was enthusiastic when asked about his experience this year and the Music City Center. "It has been a great experience," Wilburn said. "I use to come all the time up until I got married."

Though his team is new and have not played together as long as more experienced teams, Wilburn has a very talented bunch, and are currently undefeated at this event, and also have won three of their five games against EYBL teams. According to Wilburn, it hasn't been easy. When asked about the competition he says, "The competition is good. The teams are a good battle and my kids play hard." Wilburn contributes their success to team chemistry.

Wilburn is already looking forward to returning next year and is eager to restart his run of consecutive years attending Battle in the Boro. The Oakland Soldiers play their next game tomorrow afternoon at 2:00 pm against the Douglasville Lady Tigers Blue on court B5 at the Music City Center.

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