Battle in the Boro 2018 (Part 4)

TN Flight Silver soars over the Freshman

By Bob Corwin

This is the fourth of five segments on the massive Battle in the Boro 2018. Each will touch on one of the five showcase divisions. For an overview of the event and the five All-tournament teams listed in one article, see the release:

Freshman Showcase Final: TN Flight Silver (Murfreesboro, Tennessee) 59-51 WV Thunder 2021 Lupardus (Huntington, West Virginia)

TN Flight Silver, Battle in the Boro 2018 Freshman Showcase Champions (PC: Bob Corwin)

This contest pitted TN Flight Silver’s superior guard quickness against WV Thunder 2021’s structured offense and three-point shooting. There was little separation until the final minutes of the game. WV led 36-33 at half and 45-44 with just over eight minutes left in the game. Around the three-minute mark, Flight Silver pulled ahead 51-49 and controlled the game thereafter with superior athleticism and its size. TN Flight Silver was led in scoring by Acacia Hayes with 16 points while WV Thunder 2021 was led by Baylee Goins with 17 points, both all- tournament selectees. <