Battle in the Boro 2018 (Part 5)

FBC The Family 2023 tops the 8th Grade Showcase

By Bob Corwin

This is the last of five segments on the massive Battle in the Boro 2018. Each touched on one of the five showcase divisions. For an overview of the event and the five All-tournament teams listed in one article, see the release:

8th Grade Showcase Final: FBC The Family 2023 (Chattanooga, Tennessee) 55-50 WPA Bruins 2022 Black Stefko (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)

FBC The Family 2023, Battle in the Boro 2018 8th Grade Showcase Champions (PC: Bob Corwin)

This contest pitted a more athletic but younger FBC Family 2023 squad versus a WPA Bruins 2022 team that was capable of running more sophisticated half-courts set and was on average a class older. The first half remained close with FBC stretching a 24-21 lead with 2:30 left in the half to 30-23 at the break. FBC was led by Reniya Kelly with 10 points while the Bruins were led by All-tournament selectee Reilly Sunday also with 10 points.