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Tennessee Player Rankings - 2020 Class

The high school season has completed, and the state champions have been crowned. The next step for a lot of high school players across the state will be the travel ball season with players representing their respective travel clubs.

NEB Media spent this past high school season traveling state-wide to watch the top Thanksgiving, Christmas, and post-season tournaments. In my opinion, It is safe to say that Tennessee is definitely one of the most talented states in the country when looked at from an overall perspective. With that being said, NEB Media will release the post-season player rankings prior to the start of the travel ball season.

NEB Media uses college level potential mixed with what an individual player accomplished during the high school season to formulate its player rankings.

2020 Class Player Rankings

1. Dontavia Waggoner (Ensworth, TN Flight)

2. Madison Hayes (East Hamilton, FBC)

3. Treasure Hunt (Hamilton Heights, FBC)

4. Alasia Hayes (Riverdale High School, TN Flight)

5. Kamilla Soares (Hamilton Heights, FBC)

6. Ashton Holman (Franklin County, TN Flight)

7. Destinee Wells (Houston HS, TN Flight)

8. Blair Schoenwald (Brentwood Academy, Team B-Wright)

9. Tess Darby (Greenfield HS, TN Flight)

10. Emma Capps (Stone Memorial, TN Flight)

11. Ariel Richardson (East Nashville, Team B-Wright)

12. Julia Duncan (Tullahoma HS, TN Flight)

13. Keeley Carter (Macon County, TN Flight)

14. Dezah Lacy (East Hamilton, Team B-Wright)

15. Lindsey Freeman (Wilson Central, TN Team Pride)

16. London Fairs (East Nashville, Team B-Wright)

17. Mallory Hampton (Rhea County, TN Flight)

18. Maggie Brown (Brentwood Academy, Team B-Wright)

19. Jakyhia Davis (Knox Bearden)

20. Emily Jones (University School of Jackson, TN Flight)

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