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Battle in the Boro 2018 (Part 1)

Oklahoma Swish 2019 Blue strikes Titanium

By Bob Corwin

This is the first of five segments on the massive Battle in the Boro 2018. Each will touch on one of the five showcase divisions. For an overview of the event and the five All-tournament teams listed in one article, see the release: /show/934195

Massive undertaking

Our task as an all-tournament selections committee was to pick a team of worthy performers in each of the five Showcases (about 270 teams total). Almost all “Showcase” teams got seen for at least a half by one of our nine committee members. Many teams got seen at least a second time. While we think our lists are creditable, one cannot deny others (either from the same team or another) were worthy as well.

The Titanium was the strongest of the junior divisions and thus had more players selected. Look for quite a few of the Titanium All-Tournament Team selectees to be signed by Power 5 programs in the years ahead!

OK Swish 2019 Blue, Battle in the Boro 2018 Junior Showcase Titanium Champions (PC: Bob Corwin)

Junior Titanium Final: OK Swish 2019 Blue (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma) 52-35 NL Eclipse 17U BlueStar (DeSoto, Kansas)

To some extent this game may have been decided by contests leading up to the final. NL Eclipse was heavily dependent on its two all-tournament team members Johnni Gonzalez and Payton Verhulst, both of whom seemed to be playing on weary legs in the final versus a fresher appearing OK Swish squad. As it was, OK Swish came out strong finishing the first half with a 22-11 lead. NL (stands for Next Level) Eclipse never threatened the lead in the second stanza giving the Oklahomans a comfortable 17-point victory.

Ginger Reece (#10, MVP) and Macy Gore of OK Swish 2019 Blue (PC: Bob Corwin)

Tournament MVP and Arkansas commit Ginger Reece led Swish with a game high 13 points (11 in first half). Twins Macy (all-tournament team member) and Karly Gore (both Oral Roberts commits) each finished with 12 points (22 of those 24 points in the second half) to help maintain the lead.

All-tournament team member Payton Verhulst, who showed some outstanding play leading to the final, was no factor in the first half being saddled with foul trouble. Still, she led her team with 13 second half points. All-tournament team member Jonni Gonzalez, who did a fine job running the Eclipse offense during the event, finished with five points in the final.

Players below are listed alphabetically with height, position, graduation year and club team with home town in parenthesis. The criteria for selection was performance at the event in conjunction with success of the team. Congratulations to all selected!

Special thanks to Tara Arnold, Harry Elifson, Marissa Holbert, Tim Lownsdale, Ryan Murray, Nick Ruebel, Matt Shewmake and Kyle Turnham who served with me on the All-Tournament Selections Committee. Evaluating approximately 270 Showcase teams was not easy!

2018 Battle in the Boro

Junior Showcase Titanium

All-Tournament Team

Madison Bartley, 6-3, power forward, 2020, Ohio Elite Black (Kettering, Ohio)

Chloe Chapman, 5-8, point guard, 2019, MD Lady Terps (Mitchellville, Maryland)

Maori Davenport, 6-3, power forward, 2019, All Alabama Roadrunners – Kirk (Troy, Alabama)

Amanda Ferry, 5-9, small forward, 2019, Texas Phenoms (Houston, Texas)

Tajah Foster-Walker, 6-1, power forward, 2019, St. Louis Eagles 2019 (St. Louis, Missouri)

Caelan Givens, 5-11, point guard, 2020, Team Wisconsin Select Black 2019 (Chippewa, Wisconsin)

Payton Verhulst (#12) and Johnni Gonzalez of NL Eclipse 17U BlueStar (PC: Bob Corwin)

Nyayongah Gony, 6-3, small forward, 2020, Nebraska CSS Bison (Lincoln, Nebraska)

Johnni Gonzalez, 5-6, point guard, 2019, NL Eclipse 17U BlueStar (Kansas City, Missouri)

Macy Gore, 5-7, point guard, 2019, OK Swish 2019 Blue (Taloga, Oklahoma)

Campbell Gray, 5-9, point guard, 2019, Oregon Elite Navy (Tigard, Oregon)

Madison Greene, 5-7, point guard, 2019, WV Thunder 2019 Johnson (Pickerington, Ohio)

Sydney Hilliard, 5-11, guard, 2019, Wisconsin Basketball Academy (Monroe, Wisconsin)

Katelyn Levings, 6-3, power forward, 2020, OK BlueStar Swarm 17U (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)

Esmery Martinez, 6-2, power forward, 2019, FBC United Hunt (Chattanooga, Tennessee)

Olivia Miles, 5-10, guard, 2021, New Jersey Demons East (Phillipsburg, New Jersey)

Diamond Miller, 6-1, guard, 2019, Team Miller – Lance (Somerset, New Jersey)

Morgan Robinson-Nwagwu, 5-8, point guard, 2019, WP Celtics Black 17 (Norcross, Georgia)

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