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Battle in the Boro 2018 (Part 3)

Team Miller 2020 – Kevin comes back from 15 down to triumph amongst Sophomores

By Bob Corwin

This is the third of five segments on the massive Battle in the Boro 2018. Each will touch on one of the five showcase divisions. For an overview of the event and the five All-tournament teams listed in one article, see the release:

Sophomore Showcase final: Team Miller 2020 – Kevin (Piscataway, New Jersey) 66-59 Flight Select Silver 2021 (Knoxville, Tennessee)

Team Miller 2020 - Kevin, Battle in the Boro 2018 Sophomore Showcase Champions (PC: Bob Corwin)

The contest pitted a more physical (and mostly one class older) Team Miller 2020 – Kevin versus the highly structured, well executing Flight Select Silver 2021 squad. The first half went the way of the Tennesseans as they repeatedly broke Team Miller’s press and got layups finishing the half on a 15-0 run to go up 36-21 at the break.

Cynthia Williams and Brynn Farrell (#22, MVP) of Team Miller 2020 - Kevin (PC: Bob Corwin)

The second half produced a different story. The Miller press and half-court pressure disrupted the Flight Select offense yielding less quality looks and more misses. Its lead continued to shrink. Team Miller came about even with about three minutes left in the contest. The dagger blow may have been administered by Team Miller’s Keona Schenck’s (5-8, guard, 2020) three giving her team a 55-49 lead with just over two minutes left in the contest. Flight Select tried to foul to no avail with the final margin increased by one to seven points. Team Miller 2020 was led in scoring by MVP Brynn Farrell with 21 points while Flight Select Silver was led by Anna Muhonen (5-11, forward, 2021) with 18 points.

All-tournament team members from final

Brynn Farrell is a physical perimeter player who likes to work her way into the paint often spinning left or right. Team Miller’s Cynthia Williams is a strongly built low post who was not a big factor in the final’s victory but the team would not have made it so far without her. For Flight Select Silver 2021, Tessa Miller was a consistent force working in the paint but also stepping outside in stretch four fashion. Tori Rutherford was an important factor playing lead guard running the Flight Select offense and hitting shots that came within its flow. As a younger team playing up a year, the Flight Select Silver 2021 needs to be commended for such a strong finish! Finally, Team Miller 2020 – Kevin needs to be credited with a big comeback when they had to be playing with tired legs that would have caused many teams to collectively give up down 15 coming into the second half!

Players below are listed alphabetically with height, position, graduation year and club team with home town in parenthesis. The criteria for selection was performance at the event in conjunction with success of the team. Congratulations to all selected!

Special thanks to Tara Arnold, Harry Elifson, Marissa Holbert, Tim Lownsdale, Ryan Murray, Nick Ruebel, Matt Shewmake and Kyle Turnham who served with me on the All-Tournament Selections Committee. Evaluating approximately 270 Showcase teams was not easy!

2018 Battle in the Boro

Sophomore Showcase

All-Tournament Team

Bailee Adkins, 5-7, point guard, 2020, West Virginia Thunder 2020 Johnson (Lavalette, West Virginia)

Maya Bokunewicz, 6-0, forward, 2020, Central PA Dynamite 2020 (Reed) (State College, Pennsylvania)

Clarissa Craig, 6-3, center, 2021, Ohio Elite 2021 (Cincinnati, Ohio)

Brynn Farrell, 5-11, guard/forward, 2020, Team Miller 2020 – Kevin (Metuchen, New Jersey) MVP

Lyric Harris, 6-0, small forward, 2020, Cincy Phenom AT31 (Fairfield, Ohio)

Momoka Laclair, 5-10, guard, 2021, I-90 Elite – 10 th Grade (Syracuse, New York)

De’zah Lacy, 5-8, point guard, 2020, Team B. Wright 2020 Gold (Chattanooga, Tennessee)

Logan Lewis, 5-8, shooting guard, 2021, Best Choice United 2021 (Brownsburg, Indiana)

Tessa Miller, 6-0, power forward, 2021, Flight Select Silver 2021 (Crossville, Tennessee)

Tori Rutherford (#1) and Tessa Miller of Flight Select Silver 2021 (PC: Bob Corwin)

Mia Moore, 5-6, point guard, 2021, FBC MO Youngunz (Alpharetta, Georgia)

Nneka Obiazor, 5-10, power forward, 2020, Minnesota Stars – Antl (Eden Prairie, Minnesota)

Caranda Perea, 6-2, small forward, 2020, Central PA Dynamite 2020 (Reed) (Altoona, Pennsylvania)

Claragrace Prater, 5-11, shooting guard, 2021, Mavericks Bershers Blue Star 15U AR (Plainview, Arkansas)

Lacy Robins, 5-11, shooting guard, 2020, South Georgia Storm (Statesboro, Georgia)

Tori Rutherford, 5-6, point guard, 2021, Flight Select Silver 2021 (Bean Station, Tennessee)

Casey Santoro, 5-6, point guard, 2020, SMAC Elite 2020 (Bellevue, Ohio)

Peryonna Sylvester, 5-5, point guard, 2020, East Coast United – 2020 (Daytona Beach, Florida)

Grace Thybulle, 6-2, power forward, 2021, Hoopers NY 2020 Elite (Irvington, New York)

Cynthia Williams, 6-2, center, 2021, Team Miller 2020 – Kevin (North Brunswick, New Jersey)

Patience Williams, 6-1, power forward, 2020, E1T1MN 2020 Premier (Andover, Minnesota)

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